Our Staff


Tom Liebe Tom Liebe President & CEO
Matt Hughes Matt Hughes Vice President & Minnesota Managing Director
Dawn Bausch Dawn Bausch Vice President of Administration

Member Services

Vicky Chaput Vicky Chaput Office & Programs Manager
Ethan Giebel Ethan Giebel Government & Educational Services Director
Sara Schoenborn Sara Schoenborn Director of Communications
Charlene Vrieze Charlene Vrieze Director of Program Development & Community Outreach

Government Affairs

John Manske John Manske Senior Government Affairs Director
Patrick Murray Patrick Murray Senior Government & Member Services Director
David Ward David Ward Director of Government Relations & Dairy


Ethan Giebel Ethan Giebel Executive Director, Federated Youth Foundation
Charlene Vrieze Charlene Vrieze Executive Director, Minnesota Cooperative Education Foundation
Tom Liebe Tom Liebe President, Minnesota Cooperative Education Foundation
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