Co-ops Yes! Youth Leadership Conference

Co-ops Yes! Youth Leadership Conference
Education Program

The Co-ops Yes! Youth Leadership Conference is a youth-led event for Minnesota and Wisconsin high school students who want to develop their leadership skills and are curious about cooperatives. Students are fully sponsored to attend by local cooperatives, school groups, and businesses.

  • Learn from the experts! Is a co-op career in your future? Take the opportunity to interact with cooperative leaders and business professionals to find out. 
  • Get motivated! Whether you struggle with peers or simply want to become a better leader, learn life lessons that will hit home and move you to action.
  • Have fun! Work as a team and share some laughs with fellow students from across Minnesota and Wisconsin. There will definitely be a T-shirt and maybe even some dancing (or singing) involved.

Take the leap

Co-ops Yes! is $230 per participant and is open to Minnesota and Wisconsin high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Local co-ops and affiliated groups fully sponsor participants and chaperones to attend. Contact your local co-op for details or get in touch with Ethan Giebel to get connected.

2017 Youth Leadership Conference Agenda

2017 Youth Leadership Conference Registration

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