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Below is Cooperative Network's AB 353 and SB 281 Fact Sheet that was recently distributed to members of the Wisconsin Legislature: To: Members, Wisconsin Legislature From: Tom Liebe, President & CEO RE: AB 353 and SB 281 Numerous legislative offices have alerted us to a Wisconsin Farmers Union (WFU)-produced document...

Cooperative Network’s Dairy Committee and its Dairy Legislative and Regulatory Committee will meet on June 21 in La Crosse, Wis. to discuss proposed new resolutions or changes to existing resolutions that relate to dairy or agriculture in general. Final action on the resolutions will take place at Cooperative Network’s Annual...

Cooperative Network’s Resolutions Committee will meet on Tuesday, June 20 in Eau Claire, Wis. to discuss proposed new resolutions or changes to existing resolutions. If you have any suggestions, they can be submitted to Patrick Murray at or John Manske at Final action on the resolutions will take...

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