Cooperative housing is controlled and managed by its residents and can take many forms—from high-rise apartments to single family housing. Senior housing cooperatives first appeared in 1978 in Minnesota, where today nearly 75 percent of such cooperatives in the U.S. are located. Cooperative Network's housing membership currently includes senior housing cooperatives only. The association's services to this sector focus primarily on education and networking support. 


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Cooperative Network has selected Sara Schoenborn to serve as their director of communications. In this role, Schoenborn will manage the organization’s strategic communications planning and activities including branding, public and media relations and event marketing. Schoenborn’s duties will include communications efforts for member, public, media and government relations, developing and...

Members of the Cooperative Network Senior Cooperative Housing Council gathered Sept. 15 at Gramercy Park Cooperative in Richfield, Minnesota, to discuss several issues of importance to the senior cooperative housing community. The council expressed its support for Bill Buending, a member of Gramercy Park Cooperative Northwest, to be reelected as...

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Senior Cooperative Housing Conference

Cooperative Network’s annual Senior Cooperative Housing Conference is held in the Twin Cities area with about 300 attendees. Along with directors and staff of senior housing cooperatives from several states, attendees at this national conference include real estate developers and management companies, individuals interested in creating a senior housing co-op, and the broader service community for this sector. A resource guide notebook is provided to all attendees and includes sample polices, presentations, and other reference materials discussed at the conference.


Cooperative Network designs and facilitates senior cooperative housing workshops based on member ideas and questions generally related to co-op operations. The workshops are typically hosted at a senior housing cooperative in the Twin Cities area.

Senior Cooperative Housing Council

Cooperative Network’s Senior Cooperative Housing Council meets several times a year. During these meetings, council members discuss shared challenges and opportunities in small groups. This exchange of issues and ideas builds relationships and helps keep senior housing cooperatives thriving.

Senior Cooperative Housing Managers Network 

Cooperative Network facilitates a senior cooperative housing manager email group to help cooperatives pose questions and share best practices with the larger community. Contact Vicky Chaput to join the list.


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