Town mutual insurance companies are the oldest cooperatives in the United States, the first one organized in Philadelphia by Benjamin Franklin in 1752. Many town mutuals got their start when neighbors joined together to insure their farms and homes—usually because big insurers ignored them or charged exorbitant prices. Town mutuals in Minnesota and Wisconsin have served farmers, rural homeowners, and small main-street businesses for about 150 years. Cooperative Network organizes an annual lobby day event for mutual insurance companies in Wisconsin.


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Cooperative Network has selected Sara Schoenborn to serve as their director of communications. In this role, Schoenborn will manage the organization’s strategic communications planning and activities including branding, public and media relations and event marketing. Schoenborn’s duties will include communications efforts for member, public, media and government relations, developing and...

David Cramer, United Cooperative president and CEO; Tim Harrington, Premier Cooperative chairman; and Judy Ziewacz, National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA CLUSA) president and CEO, will receive Cooperative Network's 2016 Cooperative Builder Award. The annual distinction honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions at the local, state, and/or national level to...

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