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APRIL 2014  
Dairy Co-ops Support Wisconsin Livestock Siting Rule
Minnesota Co-op Day at the Capitol Brings Cooperative Voice to State Legislators
MARCH 2014  
Cooperative-Supported Tax Repeals Await Dayton’s Signature
Cooperative Network Applauds Minn. House Tax Repeals, Pushes for Senate Vote
Dairy Co-ops to Minn. Legislators: Repeal Warehousing, Equipment Repair Taxes
New LIHEAP Funding Helps Rural Minnesotans Pay Home Heating Bills
Baird, Oelkers Honored for Contributions to Wisconsin’s Rural Electric Co-ops
JANUARY 2014  
Simple Conservation Measures Can Lower Propane Bill
Four Minn. Legislators Recognized for Leadership on Cooperative Issues in 2013
Local Economy Receives Boost with USDA Funding for Rural Co-op Development
Cooperative Network Delegates Reelect Minnesota/Wisconsin Board of Directors
Krikava, Machtan, Swalheim Receive Highest Statewide Honor for Cooperative Leaders
OCTOBER 2013  
Consumers Recognize Higher Quality from Food Cooperatives
Consumers Elect Cooperatives for Most Affordable, Reliable Utility Services
Minnesotans/Wisconsinites Trust Credit Unions, Financial Cooperatives Over Banks
• Minnesota Release • Wisconsin Release
For Health Care Satisfaction, Go Co-op
St. Norbert Poll Finds Health Care Co-ops Preferred for Quality Care in Minnesota and Wisconsin
St. Norbert Poll Reveals Strong Consumer Preference for Cooperatives
Wis. and Minn. Governors Declare October as Co-op Month
Co-ops: Raw Milk Sales “Russian Roulette”
Cooperatives Weigh in on Implements of Husbandry Recommendations
Minnesota Cooperative Community Could Welcome 43,000 New Member-owners
JUNE 2013  
Wisconsin Electric Cooperatives Concerned
by President Obama’s Plan to Increase the Price of Electricity
Cooperative Network Dismayed with House Failure on Farm Bill
Cooperatives Request Federal Action on Cover Crops on Prevented Plant Acres
Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative Announces
Partnerships with Aurora Health Care, Trilogy Health Networks
May 2013  
Cooperative Network Supports Wisconsin FFA




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