Resolutions Committee Meeting

Resolutions Committee Meeting
Committee Meeting

Every year, Cooperative Network members establish new resolutions and modify existing ones at the two-state Resolutions Committee meeting. Each cooperative sector has a set of resolutions on a host of policy areas, some for each state specifically, and some that cover both states. In addition to Cooperative Network's state and federal positions, there are also general cooperative resolutions that our members have created. Cooperative Network's resolutions guide our government affairs team on behalf of our members in our lobbying efforts in both St. Paul and Madison, as well as with both Congressional delegations. 

The Resolutions Committee will be gathering at River Country Co-op's 29 Pines Restaurant, located in the Eau Claire Travel Center on Wednesday, July 25 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. We will discuss any submissions during the Resolutions Committee meeting, with the final decision on our 2019 resolutions being made at Cooperative Network's annual meeting to be held this November in La Crosse, Wisconsin. To view our current resolutions, please see click here.

For background purposes, the Resolutions Committee adopted a policy to thoroughly review one-quarter of the resolutions on a rotating basis to ensure that all of the resolutions stay current. Resolutions up for consideration this year are designated with (R/19) appearing at the end of the resolution. As always, the committee is able to amend any of the resolutions and is not limited to making changes to those up for review. If you have any suggested additions or edits to the resolutions, please contact Patrick Murray by Friday, July 20. 

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