Draft Wisconsin State Freight Plan Available

Draft Wisconsin State Freight Plan Available

The draft Wisconsin State Freight Plan is now available from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT). Enhancing freight mobility is a top priority for WisDOT.  The purpose of the freight plan is to develop one cohesive vision for an integrated and multimodal freight network. 

The final plan will include the following:

  • Link transportation investments to economic development activities
  • Place Wisconsin within a national and global context
  • Engage and reflect the interests of a wide array of freight stakeholders
  • Implementation—from planning to project development to programming
  • Performance measures and management

The draft plan was released Sept. 29. The 45-day public comment period ends Nov. 14, 2016. Comments on the plan should be sent to freightplan@dot.wi.gov or called in to (608) 266-9476. Comments may also be mailed to WisDOT, Bureau of Planning and Economic Development, PO Box 7913, Madison, WI  53707-7913.

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