Wisconsin Farm Supply Committee convenes in Auburndale

Wisconsin Farm Supply Committee convenes in Auburndale

Members of the Wisconsin Farm Supply Committee met last Friday at ProVision Partners Cooperative in Auburndale, Wisconsin. Discussion was held on a host of issues, including potential amendments and additions to Cooperative Network’s resolutions. The Resolutions Committee is scheduled to convene later this month on July 25 to take up modifications and new resolutions. For more information on the resolutions process, click here.  

Robert Welch of Welch Public Affairs presented to the committee on behalf of the Wisconsin Biofuels Association. Welch discussed incentives offered to convert fuel pumps at convenience stores over to E15 capabilities. He also provided an overview on the issue of Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP). Many fueling stations are in regions of the country where regulations limit sales of E15 during the summer fueling season (June 1 – September 15). This regulation is tied to RVP – a measure of how quickly fuel evaporates. In 1990, Congress provided a one-pound RVP volatility waiver to 10 percent ethanol blends because ethanol fuels reduce tailpipe emissions. While the EPA has extended this waiver to blends below 10 percent, and the agency has assured members of Congress that a regulatory fix is under review, the agency has not yet provided RVP relief for E15.

John Manske, Government Affairs Consultant, informed the committee of interest at the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) to reinitiate the Bureau of Agrichemical Management Information Technology (BAMIT) project. The IT project was considered several years ago and would be transformative to the efficiency and effectiveness of the Bureau of Agrichemical Management at DATCP. DATCP is seeking $4 million in total to build and implement BAMIT. With stakeholder support, DATCP would seek to use funds from the Agrichemical Management Fund to pay for this program. Continuing discussion and updates will be gathered from DATCP as BAMIT is revisited. 

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